Park Tool BB compatibility?

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I need to fit a Shimano UN54 bottom bracket ( ... elID=17473), but I can't for the life of me work out which tool I need. The bottom bracket is the square taper kind, but this tool: ... elID=17704

says it's for "ISIS-Splined/Octalink". Does anyone know if it will fit, or is there another version?

thanks in advance
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  • Weejie54
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    It fits square taper too. It's just that it clears the splined axles that other tools might not. ... tem=BBT-22

    "Below is a sampling of the types of cups and rings serviced by the tool. "

    I use a cheaper Cyclo version for square taper BBs. Never had problems with it.
  • Monty Dog
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    FWIW all Shimano cartridge type, square taper and Hollowtech I and ISIS use the same tool
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  • redvee
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    Go for the spanner type tool, ie one that needs an adjustable wrench to turn. As you can use the crank bolt to secure the tool which you can't do with a 1/2" drive.
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  • msw
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    Thanks everyone!
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