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planet-x nanolight

fatboy23fatboy23 Posts: 36
edited July 2010 in Road buying advice
Just received my planet x nanolight after a long wait :cry:
This is an upgrade from a trek 1.5 so that is what I am comparing to.

I've only done about 100miles on it so far but first impressions are good :D
I do a training session on a hill nearby. 0.9 miles of getting up to 25% a do that 3 times. Over the 3 climbs, i was 2mins faster all together on the new PX :o

Also tonight i managed 3rd in a sprint at a training sesh with some E,1,2 riders ( on my old bike i get stuffed by these guys) :wink:

When decending the bike inspires confidence and feels very safe (no wheel wobble even at 40-50mph)
Also when really putting the power on through the pedals the bike seems to give lots back and feels very responsive.

With the wheel clearance issue I don't have a problem as i ride 20's but out of intrest I put on some 23's and I genuinley can't see the gap( less than 1mm) although they do still spin.

so my first impressions are great ..but the customer service from planet-x has been more than a bit vague.... I'm still waiting for my wheels to come and they where ordered on the 8th. ...I'd prefer not to have to pester them.

Over all I'm very happy with the bike...almost unbeatable for the spec (£2000 sram red gears and shifters, FSA megaexo chainset, PX procarbon 50mm tub wheels).. and would recomend it.
hope this helps for anyone trying to find an independatn review.


  • sturmeysturmey Posts: 964
    That tyre clearance issue sounds a problem to me. Majority of roadmen ride 23mm tyres.At least for everyday use.
  • fatboy23fatboy23 Posts: 36
    Not sure if this will work but I will try to post an picture of it.
  • fatboy23fatboy23 Posts: 36
    no it didn't work :(
  • max888max888 Posts: 206
    Let us know what the wheels are like. I've been looking at them but haven't found any reviews and didn't want to be a guinea pig.
  • fatboy23fatboy23 Posts: 36
    wheels should be here tomoro and hope to race on them tomoro evening so i'll let you know later on. :D
  • fatboy23fatboy23 Posts: 36
    hey MAX 888
    I did the race on the new planet-x wheels last night.
    They felt great. Good and stiff, super light and they look amazing with the golden hubs.
    unbeatable value I think.
  • max888max888 Posts: 206
    What's the build quality like cos my LBS said that they were made from "plastic with a carbon veneer". I hope that they got it wrong and that it isn't true.

    Thanks, Max
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667

    Carbon fibre as used in bikes is all Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic...

    Those Gigantex rims that P-X use are very good.

    Your LBS is talking shite.
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Max888 wrote:
    What's the build quality like cos my LBS said that they were made from "plastic with a carbon veneer". I hope that they got it wrong and that it isn't true.

    Thanks, Max
    Hahahaha :lol: LBS's have been known to say similar about Boardmans - just because they can't sell them / compete on price.
  • max888max888 Posts: 206
    Good, I hoped that they were BSing they then went on to try and flog me some Ksyrium SRs 2011 for a grand. And by plastic I think they meant ABS type plastic.
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    P-X will have spent a lot of time and effort to get this frame right, they will probably be selling it for many years (as they have the SL Pro), unlike the major players that can afford to redesign on a much more frequent basis. The SL Pro frame comes in for criticism for its aesthetics and the ultra compact design, but you don't hear of frame failures, and many thousands have been sold. I expect the nano would be equally reliable.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    The P-X frames like most carbon frames these days come out of a handful of 'sheds' in Taiwan / China - to say that they are in some way inferior to another brands product without any evidence is laughable.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • boondogboondog Posts: 205
    what size frame do you ride ? I have the L, and there's plenty of clearance on my 23 tyres.
  • fatboy23fatboy23 Posts: 36
    Im on a large.
    The clearance is around 1mm or less :?
  • boondogboondog Posts: 205
    weird , I posted pics of mine but they had 19's on, I was at PX and they moved my 23's over with no problems, they just asked if I planned to ride 25's or not.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Seems a bit odd that theyve gone SO close clearances with the frame. I'd not ride less than 23mm anyway. I'd like to see one in the flesh though - they do sound nice.
  • simon tsimon t Posts: 132
    i'm thinking of getting the sram red £1499 model.
    whats the finish like on the frame?
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