Freewheel maintenance

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I have an ACS claw on my singlespeed. I Try and put some dry lube inside (i.e. squirting in the gaps), which does make it spin a bit better but it always feels a bit "rough".

I notice, if my bike has been in the rain for a while it feels ultra smooth and nice (until the rain stops!). Guessing this is because the water is acting like a lubricant. How can I replicate this with proper oil/grease?

Would a more expensive freewheel feel smoother?



  • lae
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    Using dry lube could well be the problem. Try some heavy oil (I use car gearbox oil (not automatic transmission fluid!), £5 a litre at a motor factor and it makes good chain lube too) and that should do it.

    The ACS claws is a half-decent freewheel so it should be pretty smooth. ENO freewheels would be better, but they're incredibly expensive!