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  • thekickingmulethekickingmule Posts: 7,957
    Stuart_C :lol:

    I accidentally touched censored whilst checking an 'unconscious' body for breakages 8) This was my retraining, and sadly a lot has changed, you don't have to do breakages or strains and sprains anymore, so it's really quite simple. i just passed wooo :D So, everyone comin to Cannock with me and CWNT, don't worry, I know what I'm doing.... sort of :lol:
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  • GazlarGazlar Posts: 8,084
    WoooHooo back homa an hour early on disciplinary reasons, the reason apparently I wasn't carryting the necessary equipment I'm legally obliged to carry (I was the big bag over my shoulder that shows up on CCTV proves it) but because i'd left it in the cab of the train the gaffer was stood right bloody next to (if he'd looked in he'd have seen it) while i went to the mess room to fill my flask, he presumed I wasn't carrying my stuff. He also claimed i was wearing trainers, i wasn't I was wearing a pair of black leather walking boots which i wear on hot days when i wear shorts and polo shirt to work.

    What was more annoying is this pillock manager, our safety manager blanked me twice when I said hello to him, once while i actually had my bag in my hand, and then rather than confront me directly, told my depot manager for him to deal with it when I got back to the depot, rather than him do it himself, surely if I didn't have the things I legally needed to drive a train, then maybe you should have stopped me driving it (again, i was fully kitted up as I always am)

    Its just bloody frustrating that I, and many people in many careers are up against this every day, is this what we pay top gaffers 75, 80, 90, 100k for, to snoop on whther staff have got trainers on?

    Anyway, it means I got took off my last train, investigated which took a whole 1 minute to see i had my bag and no trainers, and then home an hour early
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