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fitting new brakes?

nik_cnik_c Posts: 61
edited June 2010 in MTB workshop & tech

I had my Carrera Vulcan limited edition (avid BB5 disk brakes, dart 1 shocks) for 2 years now and it is a great bike.

Now it looks like they need some attention. They were never super efficient, but I thought that might be also to do with my weight as I am about 110kg. The front brake squeals when engaged with any kind of vigor, which I cannot seem to fix.

What would be a possible upgrade for the avid bb5 brakes, and would fitting larger disks (they current ones are 160mm) increase the efficiency? Is that possible with the current forks (if forks have anything to do with the size of the brake discs that can be fitted)?

Thanks for your advice!
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