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Pro XCR carbon fork on G2

synthasandwichsynthasandwich Posts: 38
edited June 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi Folks,

I have decided to go for some carbon rigid forks after locking my forks and not minding the rigid arrangement on my Gary Fischer Wahoo ( G2 geometry. )

I've recently won a pro XCR carbon/ alluminium fork which has corrected length for 100mm travel, the pro fork is 445mm long. I'm now having kittens that this will affect the G2 geometry..... the original suspension fork didn't seem to sag as much as the 445 fork corrects for and I fear the slight dip in the front end will naff the geometry dangerously. We're talking 5cm difference but it looks a lot.

Any opinions? help greatly appreciated for a relative newby.



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Best thing is to give it a try. The G2 geometry alters the fork offset to give faster slow speed handling. The shorter fork will do this anyway, but maybe a bit nervous at speed.

    Most 100mm sus forks are about 485mm in lendth. If you take the sag off then we are down to 460mm. Many run rigids a bit less than that still.
  • Hi Supersonic,

    Thanks for the input... it may take a while for me to post the outcome as I need to upgrade to disc brakes and compatible wheels. Going downhill at speed on the bike as it is can sometimes be a bit twitchy but then again, this could be my amateurish cycling.

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