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New Reba team forks leaking oil on first ride.

Stu 74Stu 74 Posts: 463
edited June 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
FItted some brand new Reba team forks this week. Took them out for a short 10 minute test ride around the street the other night, no problem.

Took them for their first offroad ride today. After riding for an hour I stopped for a breather and noticed that there was quite a bit of dark coloured thick oil on both of the stanchions. Wiped it off and rode for another hour or so before completing the ride. Inspected the forks again and there was some more of this black goo on both stanchions.

Is this normal? Is it excess lubricating oil / grease popping past the wiper seals?




  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    sounds normal if it is just residue. and not running down the legs.
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  • Stu 74Stu 74 Posts: 463
    Thanks for the quick reply Nicklouse.

    No it wasn't running down the legs. Never seen this much oil this thick before on a set of forks. Will see how it goes on the next ride.


  • mackie1mackie1 Posts: 95
    My new Revs were like this too. Nothing to worry about IMO.
  • MarkLGMarkLG Posts: 189
    Just fitted a new set of Revelations and have the same residue on the legs. It's normal and will stop when the surplus grease in the seals has gone.
    Relax in the knowledge that whoever assembled your forks has lubed the seals properly. :D
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