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Will parts from a 2001 Marin fit a 2010 frameset?

FewieFewie Posts: 61
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First I apolagise for the noob like question. I have just returned to the MTB scene after some years away so my knowledge is limited, out dated and rusty!

I currently ride a 2001 Marin nail trail but I fear the frame is too small for me (it's a 17" and I'm 6ft). I bought this bike new years ago and it was a rush purchase that had little use before I got back into biking recently. On anything but short rides I struggle to get comfortable as i feel to close to the bars and as though the seat could do to be another inch or so back.

I have decided to buy another frame and transfer the bits accross. Been looking at a orange crush or cove hand job but will things fit? I know tech has moved on a bit so I should probably upgrade forks and go to disc brakes at the same time but in principle will all the major groupset bits such as the crankset, front and rear mechs etc all swap over?

Or should I just cut my losses and buy a new complete bike?


  • FewieFewie Posts: 61
    Basic spec of my Marin can be found here: ... &Type=bike

    It's also fitted with a different wheelset, a shimano xc wheelset with disc brake ready hubs.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    some will some will not.

    fork might not, headset might not.

    front mech and seat post and clamp mght not.

    rear wheel might not.

    BB might not.

    but without knowing what spech parts you have and what frame you are getting Who knows.
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  • FewieFewie Posts: 61
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    Im definately leaning towards the cove handjob frame set. But I'm workin To a reasonably tight budget so the more parts that would be transferable the better. Why would the rear wheel not fit? Whats changed about them? With things like seat posts etc it wouldn't be to costly to replace for new anyway.

    Another reason for wanting to reuse as many parts as possible is that it's a fairly decent spec and the bike has probably covered less than 500 miles in total.
  • FewieFewie Posts: 61
    The wheelset is shimano m575, like the ones in the link below: ... 24986.html
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Some frames have different rear spacings ie 130, 135mm.

    You need to compare all the measurements for compatibilty. I'd be suprised if you get one that all fitted.
  • FewieFewie Posts: 61
    Rear axle spacing is 135mm if you measure inside edge to inside edge. Is that how it's measured?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
  • FewieFewie Posts: 61
    Right then, think I'll head towards my local bike store, the sell both orange and covenso I can have a measure and see what'll fit.
  • satanassatanas Posts: 1,303
    Things that might not fit include:
    Fork - steerer may be too short for new frame
    Headset - many different types these days
    Seatpost - different diameter
    Front derailleur - different seat tube diameter and/or top versus bottom pull, etc
    Brakes - different disc mounts and/or V brakes versus discs
    Wheels - if you have V brakes now and new frame is disc only. If this is the case it'll likely be better to buy a new bike
    Cables, casings and disc hoses
    Bottom bracket - shell width may be different, etc

    There are other options than a new frame unless it is obviously way too small. You could get a longer and/or higher rise stem to fix the bar problem. There are seatposts and seats which will allow the seat to be moved further back, especially viable if you now have a "zero offset" seatpost or similar.
  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    If money is tight, in the long run you will spend more, than if you sold yours and bought a used bike of the type you wanted.

    I did a similar transplant last year:

    the initial build was about 150.

    I have subsequently replaced:
    wheels 275
    front forks 200
    shock 250
    seat 50
    8 - 9 speed (180) cassette, chain, shifter and crankset

    In fact in 2 years I have spend close to 1200 - mostly stuff that broke or wore out.
  • FewieFewie Posts: 61
    Thanks for all the advice guys. I might try to pick up a longer stem first to see if that helps.
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