Kinesis Racelight TK2 - Bottle Holder on seat tube

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On my fantastic new TK2, I would like to put a bottle holder on the seat tube. Unfortunately the boss for the bottle holder interferes with the front dérailleur mounting:


The front dérailleur is a Sora - would a Tiagra mounting band be higher up relative to the chain cage? Alternatively, I need a bottle holder which doesn't require the dérailleur to be moved up the seat tube to create clearance.

Or spacers?

What do you think?


  • hopper1
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    Get a couple of spacers, or some washers...
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  • sungod
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    these work with a band-on fd in between the mountings, although the clearance between the band and the lower cage mount looks pretty close on your frame ... e-zoom.jpg
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  • justresting
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    My Giant Defy 1 came with spacers under the cage, but on another bike I just used a couple of inner tube lock rings.
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  • keef66
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    I fitted the frame mount for my Road Morph pump to the downtube on mine without needing spacers or anything. Front shifter is a 105 triple. I was considering moving the pump to the top tube so I could fit a second bottle cage. I'll have a look tonight.
  • redvee
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    I used a couple of 8mm AF nuts and drilled them out so to remove the thread and put them behind the cage.
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  • +paul
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    Looks like spacers are the easiest solution. I will have a look at the difference between Tiagra and Sora front dérailleurs at the weekend, just out of interest, and raid the toolbox for some suitable spacers.

    Thanks for all your replies!