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Saint 6-bolt adaptors

ratherbeintobagoratherbeintobago Posts: 636
edited June 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Do 6-bolt adaptors for oversize centre-lock Saint hubs exist?

If so, has anyone got a part number or something I can search for?




  • oversize? there is only 1 size of 20mm botl thru cl hub.... saint, xt slx are the same
  • You sure about that? I thought the centrelock diameter on Saint was bigger, which is is why it needs different discs. 20mm bolt-through Shimano stuff, I thought, had the same diameter centrelock but a different lock-ring from QR centrelock.

  • disks are the same... you can swap front and back cant you? :wink:

    Also... my disks from my Saint hubs fitted my XT hubs :)

    your problem might be that the CL 6 bolt adapter doesn't fit over the 20mm hub... there are normal QR front wheels which take the same size CL rotors.
  • disks are the same... you can swap front and back cant you?

    Well, no.

    The problem is this: looking at some very nice XTR wheels as running a Lefty & thus a bit challenged in the range of wheels available.

    XTR Lefty wheel takes a Saint SM-RT80 disc, as the centrelock fitting is oversized - linky:

    The back wheel is the normal size centrelock.

    I have Avid brakes, so don't think Shimano discs will fit (they're marginally thicker); while you can get Avid discs for normal centrelock, they don't make them for over-size. Hence I'm looking into the availability of adaptors.

  • so why didnt you mention the lefty in your 1st post!

    Shimano disks will be fine!
  • bigbenj_08 wrote:
    Shimano disks will be fine!

    Will those work OK with Elixir calipers though?

  • yup, should be fine... just can't use hope floating rotors with avids :)
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