New track pump can't get past 40psi.

Veronica Bottoms
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So I got my new bike and new pump. Decided to attach the pump and check the current psi as it has a gauge.

It said it was around 40psi but the tyre felt rock solid.

So I tried to pump them up even more but the resistance was too much and it wasn't a case of being too weak, just a case of over inflated tyres.

I thought this was odd as the tyre recommends a psi of 100.

So I deflated them and started from flat. Again it would only reach 40psi and then resist yet the tyres feel as if they're fully pumped. The gauge does take a little while to kick in so am I right in thinking the gauge on the pump is faulty?

The reason I ask is because both valves were slightly bent at the tips to my surprise when I first removed the dust caps but had no problem placing the pump on and locking it. There was also no leakage so I assumed everything was okay.

Does it sound like the pump or the valves?


  • Redsteveb
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    I'm no expert, but if the tyres feel rock solid then I'd guess the gauge was faulty or mis-reading. Maybe check it with another tyre pressure gauge. You should be able to pick one up for a tenner or less from Halfords & the like.
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    definately sounds like a faulty gauge, at about 90 psi you should still be able to pinch the sidewalls of the tyre in by 2-3 mm between forefinger and thumb
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    You don't say which pump it is, some of them have a release valve at the base of the main pump cylinder. That may need a slight adjustment to let the air go into the tyre freely
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    Some pumps you can also set the maximum PSI required, sometimes with a turn dial with an arrow on it, but this case sounds like a bad reading if it feels solid.
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    what pump is it?
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  • CarleyB wrote:
    what pump is it?
    It's not the Lezyne. I still haven't got round to buying it yet as I have to wait till next payday. I thought I'd buy a track pump first and add the bike pump at a later date.

    The pump in question is a Bontrager Charger pump.

    Thanks for the advice guys but after trying it again this morning the gauge has mysteriously started working but only when I have the valves at six o clock and don't unscrew the little connecters all the way to the top. I think it's something to do with the valves as it's very hit and miss.

    At least it's nice to know I've got the correct psi. :)
  • Bobbinogs
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    I also have a Bontrager Charger pump. I have found it to be pretty good but the end does benefit from, ahem, a little wiggle after engagement to get it working correctly. I have since put that trick to good use elsewhere...