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noah bubblehead
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After commuting on a mountain bike for 12 months I bought a Giant Defy 3 about a month ago. I was fortunate enough to get a new mountain bike at the same time and I must admit at first the Defy saw little use as I started to gain confidence going clipless. More recently though I'm really enjoying the Defy and now feel confident in traffic. I've not done huge distances yet (25 mile up to now) but it's a great feeling zipping along with much less effort than my mountain bike. The mountain bike is also excellent but is now confined to off road use. I had my first clipless moment last night when I had a rear blowout. It blew the tyre off the rim and as I managed to pull to a stop without damaging the rim there was an awful moment when I realised that I was still clipped in, resulting in an unceremonius fall onto the pavement. Still, at least the noise from the blow out ensured that I had plenty of observers.