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I have just bought a FSR XC COMP '10 after a few years ..... (about 7 :O) without riding. I decided to buy a bike because i live in the countryside, because of the sun and the ridiculous cost to run an Impreza STI.

More to the point, this is my first full suss bike and it's great. It's been soaking up the rough terrian around where i live. Even with 7 years without riding i still have that same fearless attitude and have bailed a few times, but its all great fun. Does anyone lse here have this bike? How are you finding it? What kinda punishment have you been giving it and how well has it held up?

Specialized FSRxc Comp '10


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    I had the 07 model.

    It was an excellent XC bike, very capable and could handle more than I could.

    Only reason I changed mine was to get a lighter bike as I do a little racing & some endurance events.
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    The weight doesnt bother me. The bike seems light enough to me? It weighs the same as my mates Marin Northside (hardtail) I'm not planning any racing. What kinda spec did the 07 model have?

    Specialized FSRxc Comp '10
  • i dont have this one, but i know that the model is very nice. congratulation for the new bike. enjoy it