Arm & Leg warmer sizing

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A bit of both really. I am stuck between L and XL in both arm and leg warmers.

For arm warmers, L is a nice length but too tight in the bicep. XL is a bit too long, but better on the biceps.

Same for leg warmers - L is a good length, but cuts off the blood supply to my thighs, XL are a bit long, but a better fit at the thigh.


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    Arms are pretty fine for me even though I am stocky build, however legs I have to go large or above the only problem is im a short ass so large tend to be made for 6ft+ oafs and dont cater to well for me. :D
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    Stanley222 wrote:
    Thanks guys - is there any kind of measurements for them? IE Large is x amount of cms etc or do I need to go and try some on?!

    Like most things in cycle clothing, sizing is 'variable' to say the least. Best to try on if possible, or be prepared to return for an exchange or you may be just be lucky.
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    I wear Craft 3D arm and leg warmers, which I cannot rate highly enough. The Craft size guide says to measure bicep and thigh and then gives a cut off point: if you measure less than x, go for size S/M and if you measure greater than x, go for size M/L. The arm warmers fit a treat. The leg warmers could be a couple cm longer as I'm pretty long in the leg for my build/height, but they're still great.

    I'm sure other manufacturers will offer similar advice if you check out their websites.

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