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Who wants a laugh then?

Oxygen ThiefOxygen Thief Posts: 649
edited June 2010 in MTB beginners

As some of you may know I'm pretty noob. Thought today I'd go over some jumps to see what it was like. Use the term jump loosely as it's tiny but wanted to see what it was like with wheels off the floor so I guess I've done that much anyway. Will give it some more welly tomorrow I promise! :oops:

And at least I can look back on it one day and have a good old chuckle 'eh! Oh, and please forgive me for my video editing skills, worse than my jumps but then I'm not interested in becoming Spielberg!



  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Where was the jump - did I miss it.... that's pretty tame - but as you say we've all gotta start somewhere.... :lol:
  • Oxygen ThiefOxygen Thief Posts: 649
    Haha, I know I know! THere's nothing a step up from that there that I'd feel comfortable doing though. The ones that used to be table tops have had their middles taken out! I think I'll fill them back in :lol:
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    No! try clearing the humps! making it one jump?!
  • Oxygen ThiefOxygen Thief Posts: 649
    Na no chance. WIll never clear the gap and that'll end in tears! I thought the best way was to learn on a table top so if don't make it to other side you aint going smack straight into the dirt??? If I try these ones, one fail aint going to see me getting back on and giving it another go is it lol
  • Davy-gDavy-g Posts: 401
    never say never.... :wink::wink:
  • Oxygen ThiefOxygen Thief Posts: 649
    Being realistic though :P
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Start small, build up. That is what we all do. You get confidence and abillity.
  • Oxygen ThiefOxygen Thief Posts: 649
    Yep, I will be. Just want to get a feel for landing really. I used to do fairly big jumps/ramps/verts when I did rollerblading and got big air then, but more in control on a pair of bladed. Need to just get a feel for controlling the bike and then I'll be fine.
  • popstarpopstar Posts: 1,392
    As you are based in SWales, in Cwmcarn at the top of hill (XC trail called Twrch) there is freeride area called -Airstream- . Really a lovely place to get feeling of air, nice berms and multiple table tops, went on group rides there and many of us learnt the trade (video), maybe not so but that was the best area to do so. As for first timer it was really really good place to learn and build up ...
    What could have been (Video)

    I'll choose not put too much stake into someone's opinion who is admittingly terrible though
  • Oxygen ThiefOxygen Thief Posts: 649
    Nice one. I'll be getting to Cwmcarn in August so will give Twrch a go. Nice vids. I'll let you know my progress.
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