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hiya from Devon!

I just got myself a nice Btwin Sport 3 off ebay and as my first road bike I'm pretty pleased with it. Nice, light and fast for the daily commute. It has an alu frame and carbon forks with Campag Mirage gearing.. Hoping to upgrade parts/bike next year.. Loving overtaking all and sundry :D Should be posting on here more once I learn more about biking and maintenance etc...


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    Hi there noisemonkey, welcome on board.

    Ref: "Loving overtaking"

    I always think that it is the mark of true man as to how he deals with being dropped by an elite set of riders and then watching them sail into the horizon whilst waiting for the next set to catch up :)
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    haha.. very true, mainly seem to be overtaken by older guys who've been riding for years which is fair enough.. Leaving the lycra crew behind though..