Comfortable saddle?

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I've dusted off my old Scott Comp Racing ('98 model I think), had it serviced and I've started using it again. The saddle is rock hard, and I'm not getting on with it. Can anyone recommend a decent comfortable alternative? I use padded shorts, but that is not enough!


  • hoochylala
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    Urghhh.. The usuall 2 candidates;

    Charge Spoon (my choice)
    SG Bel Air

    Buy either.If you dont like them, they will generally sell for nearly full price again to someone. They are that popular.
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    Charge spoon here, cro-mo rail option (only pence dearer than base but worth the weight saving!)

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    I recently had to buy a new saddle after my old and well loved SDG Bel Air split at the stitching.

    I was a bit short of cash so bought the cheapest half decent saddle I could find On-One Big Nose Saddle £15 delivered. Quite by accident I think I might have discovered the comfiest saddle I have ever plonked my backside on.
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    wtb shadow v pro: ... elID=25678

    I can't believe how comfy it is.

    I was happy with my prologo, but the is streets ahead! and a bargain too!