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:?: Is there any noticable difference between Shimano cleats and Keo cleats ???

Plus has anyone been fitted with the Look Keo Cleat Fitting System??

If so is it any good as the video looks very clever...... ... o-fit.html


  • bobtbuilder
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    Look Keos are available in 3 different degrees of float: 0%, 4.5% & 9%.

    Much more forgiving on the knees by allowing your leg to move naturally.
  • rolf_f
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    Shimano do 6 degrees or zero degrees float.

    I find the Look seem to be a slightly more positive clip in action but I think you'd get used to whatever you chose quickly enough.

    I have had the fitting system. It was quite an interesting process - my right foot turned out to be very consistent, the left much more variable. I think I ended up doing about 8 pedal sessions to prove that the final fit was correct! It does indicate that the original placing was out though neither I nor the shop were entirely convinced that it had made much difference. I got it as a freebie as a shop training session so it was obviously worth it - not sure about paying an hours labour for it though. On the other hand, it at least rules cleat positioning out if you are bothered that you haven't got an overall perfect fit.
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