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im looking for a computer with everything on it cadence , heart rate and all the usual, but totaly wireless? whats the general feeling? £200 ish !
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  • floosy
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    I`ve had the Cateye v3 for over a year now...

    I`d buy another if it broke..

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    I bought a Polar CS200Cad wireless brand new off e-bay for around £80. Does HR, cadence, speed with averages and target zones. LIke a lot of the lower end gear it was prone to losing signal when you hit shaded areas. I managed to get a Garmin 705 with mapping that is leagues ahead but much much dearer; but then you gets what you pay for. If you can stretch to it I'd recommend one of the Garmin devices any day.
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  • adamroe
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    Unless you need the mapping fuction the Garmin Edge does everything you are looking for.

    You can get just the unit itself or a pack with HR and cadence included.
    Do shop around Wiggle have it at £223.99
    I got mind from Handtec for the full pack at £181 currently.