Easton Havoc AM vs Hope Hoops

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ive just seen a really good deal on Easton Havoc AM 09's they are selling for £270 (UKP) which is pretty much the same as set of Hope Hoops(£260) (Stans flow or Dt5.1 rims) I was going to go with the Hope Hoops as Havocs where significantly more expensive but since they are both at the same price point which would be better for Heavy Duty XC/AM riding?

both wheels get good reviews and feedback but arent normally a comparable price, so are the havocs a great bargain at this price or just overpriced normally?

one worry with the Havocs is availbilyt and price of spares compared to Hoops.

any thoughts/recomendations?


  • jairaj
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    Out of the two I would go for Hope Hoops. The weight and strength is about the same as the Easton wheels but as you say easy to get spare parts.
  • k31ron
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    thats kind of what i was thinking, just wonderered if anyone was going to rave about the havoc's
  • Airienteer
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    It's not so much that the Havocs are overpriced, more that Hope Hoops are really good value. About the only thing they do that isn't stupidly expensive! At that price I'd still go with the hopes. Try to go for the flow if you can, better than the DT in my opinion.