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Pedal insert on Shimano Hollowtech crank

forgotrafeforgotrafe Posts: 637
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Have noticed pedal thread on left hand crank (M770 Shimano XT) is knackered. Not entirely sure how as I'm mechanically competent and can't believe I'd of cross threaded a pedal but the fact is it's damaged beyond being trustworthy.

Emailed Chris @ Highpath Engineering. He says he seems to do a disproportionate number of Shimano Hollowtech cranks. I asked if his fix was better/stronger than original, he said "The insert is stronger metal and it's threaded and glued in, but it's still being held by the original crank alloy".

Am allowed back on bike after injury this weekend, so have bought a new set of indentical cranks because nothing is going to stop me getting back on my bike!

I think it's worth getting the damaged one fixed (either sell on or keep as spares) but my question is one crank @ £29 inc. postage or, for an additional £15, get both done in case it happens on the other side?



  • Might as well do both for the sake of it, if you've got the spare £15 - they'll both have been exposed to the same road salt & dirt, etc, and it would be a good idea for future torq'ing up without having to remember to handle them differently.
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  • For what it's worth, you're not going to make much money back on them even when repaired, maybe half and considering some of the cheap mail order offers, i'm not sure it's worth it - could just sell the good crank & cut your losses?

    That guy probably does more Shimano ones because they're much more common. For their price, IMO they're unbeatable so I can see why people wouldn't mind splashing a few quid to keep them in commission a bit longer.
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  • Matt 24kMatt 24k Posts: 186
    Why not take the crank arm and pedal to a local engineering firm? It would save you money on postage for a start. If you can't find a local engineering firm most automotive repairers have Helicoils or Wurth Timesert kits available so may be able to do the job.
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