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Hi, I have just bought my first racing bike (second hand), as it was a bit grubby i took the wheels off and removed a few bits to give it a good clean, when i put the wheels back on and pumped the tyres up nice and hard i noticed that the tyres rub the underside of the frame/ brake calipers on both wheels (very very slightly) I cured this by onedoing the quick release and lifting the wheel a tiny bit and re-tightening the quick release bolt.

My question is.... is this okay?? will the quick release bolt slip while riding?? i'm a complete stranger to this sort of thing and am a bit worried that if I hit a small bump i'll shred the tyre!! The wheels turn nicely and everything seems to work fine but I havn't ridden far yet.

Sorry if this appears a dumb question.




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    Three questions:

    What bike, what size tyres, and what pressure have you inflated them to?
  • Thanks for your reply, the bike is a Orbea Asphalt Larrau that I believe is a 2002/ 2003 model. I am 5'10" and the size of the bike is spot on so it must be about a 56cm frame.

    The previous owner upgraded the bike with the following:-

    Bontranger SSR Wheels
    Tyres 28-622 (700x28c)

    The tyres say to inflate between 58 min to 87 max so I inflated them to 65 just to give it a test ride.

    I do know the previous owner rode the bike with these tyes and wheels so can only assume he did the same as me and adjusted them slightly.

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    Not many road bikes have the clearance to run 28mm tyres. I suspect it was originally specced with 23's or 25's.

    I'd rather have the axles sitting firmly in the dropouts and run 25mm tyres personally.

    If new tyres aren't an option, you could see how much you have to drop the pressures by to get sufficient clearance. 28's do allow you to run quite a bit lower than skinnier tyres. Tho 65 sounds quite low already.
  • Okay, thanks for your help, i'll price up some new tyres.