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Chain/ chainring compatibility???

TommyKTommyK Posts: 177
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Hello guys,

Finally had enough of dropping chains/chainsuck and all other annoyances of the front shift sytem. Very nearly cost me a win yesterday, so I'm going to go 1 x 10 speed, I only do XC racing and a bit of trail (plus I don't live in the peaks or anything!)

Please don't rib me about poor shifting, I have a double chainring set up at the moment and the chainline is sh1te, it is a dedicated double set up too, just seems to be way over, just like using a triple without a granny. The front mech/shifter is from a triple setup too so even with the stop screws set up as best as possible I either get chain rub at the top of the cassette or it drops the chain every other downshift.

My question is, I know that a 10speed chain is narrower but will it still run on a standard 9 speed chainring? I was hoping to keep my middleburn cranks and use a 34T uno ring with an MRP chain device and a new 11-36 XT set up on the back.

If single ring is ok for Oli Beckingsale then it's gotta be good?...Eh?
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    There isn't enough info as yet on 10spd chains with new 10spd MTB gears to say. Doesn't look likely with Shimano - though in practice it may work. Time will tell.
  • nickfrognickfrog Posts: 610
    Going 1x10 too in theory when the 10-speed cassette is av. end of July.
    I have a Homebrewed chainrig (29t, I am fat and old) which is 9-speed and I tried a 10-speed road chain (which mat be of different width to the MTB) and it was "almost" compatible but not quite.
    I am having the ring filed by a friend who has a lathe. Both he and the lbs reckon it'll be fine.
    Will update but I might just go 9-speed for the moment.
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