Brake pads which to get

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Hi, following a post previously about having a new bike with faulty brakes (which with your kind help was rectified) im now on the hunt for some new pads. Ive heard that superstar are a good site. however im not sure what type and what material and make i need to get. im looking to get 4 pairs so 2 sets of two makes to try might be best. Any suggestions please?

My brakes are hydraulic quad 4-Axis ones. My bike is a scorpion crush 2009

thanks in advance...



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    I personally recommend the metal sintered ones.
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    I always go for sintered as I'm tight.
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    Sintered in the winter, Kevlar in the summer.

    Never touch the organics myself after burning through a new set in just 3 miles of decent (conditions were appaling though) and through another set after about 2 rides with some long descents when it was pretty dry (each ride was no more than 20 miles each)
  • ok, does anyone know what type my brakes take, they are letters of the alphabet i think...
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    Best bet is to just ask- they usually know the answer, and if they get it wrong it's their problem not yours ;)
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  • I emailed Superstar asking what pads I need and received a reply saying sorry but they dont stock the pads for my brakes...

    Any suggestions. I really need new pads at a good price for next week.

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    Try Allterrain cycles, not many places stock your pads.
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    I think superstar may have given the wrong info on this occasion, but i could be wrong.

    the following link on ebay shows the quad pads and also shows that they are compatible with hayes sole brakes which superstar do stock pads for. I'm assuming that if qhd-4 pads work with hayes sole, then hayes sole pads would work with qhd-4.
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  • Ok so what type from supersar would i need. they just have letters of the alphabet to say what type they are...


    I want to order 4 packs so i got some spares. superstar seems a good priced place to do this.
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    Superstar website shows hayes sole pads as 'Y3'
    whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons