Tyres and wheels for XC in the Alps

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Taking my 08 Stumpy Expert to the Alps at the end of next month:


It's going to be an XC-biased trip with some climbing as well as some chair-lift assisted descending. I don't plan to be doing any full on downhill or freeride riding and definitely won't be doing any big jumps on it.
I'm using Hope Hoops with DT XR400 rims at the moment, but I want to put these on my hardtail and get some new wheels for the Stumpy.
Favorite at the moment is getting Merlin or CRC to build up a pair of Mavic XM819 UST Disc rims onto Hope hubs. The 819's seem to have a pretty good rep for strength without excessive weight, and I'll be able to go tubeless without conversion kits.
As for tyres I'm currently running Maxxis Advantage 2.1's and have been more than happy with them on the Peaks and at Glentress. May go up to a 2.35 UST, but the Advantage only goes to a 2.1 in UST, so I was thinking of swapping to Maxxis Ignitor UST's. High Rollers look good, but they get a bit weighty in the bigger sizes.

Thoughts and recommendations appreciated. :D


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    Taking my 08 Stumpy Expert to the Alps at the end of next month:
    Show off. :(

    :P Nah! Good skills. I can't praise my Nobby Nics enough, but an AVID friend of my waxes lyrical about the Maxxis Advantage 2.4's, for XC and Freeride.

    I'd be interested to know what you choose...
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    Conti Verts are a great Alp tyre, I think the Mountain Kings in 2.2 or Rubber Queens in 2.2 would work well too. I liked my Nokian NBX's for the alps and the current Gazza All Mountains I have look like they will do the business.

    High Rollers are good but you can pretty much expect them to be worn out by the end of a week!

    Cant comment on Schwalbe tyres - I cant afford them.
    Closet jockey wheel pimp whore.