Genesis core - Long top tubes?

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Just looking at a nice hardtail for a stumpy female friend. Genesis look like really nice bikes and the Core series look perfect but the effective top tube length looks quite long compared to others. Smallest size is 565mm which I think is going to be too long for her. She had a bike that was too big in the past so sizing isn't something to compromise on here....not that it ever is but you know what I mean...

She's 5'2. Am I right to say the Genesis are long in that respect? Any other suggestions for a small chick?


  • heavymental
    heavymental Posts: 2,077 ideas about the Genesis geometry then?

    What about the other question? What bike for a short girl?
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    The majority of blokes on this forum have never spoken to a woman so no use asking them. Try posting on the womens section you might get a response.

    My cousin is just over 5 foot and she rides a 15 inch Rock Lobster 853 she chose it because she liked the colour :roll:
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    My wife rides a 17" Genesis Core, I think she’s about 5'7", the Genesis definitely feels more comfortable than my Marin Bolinas Ridge. I'm about 5'9".
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