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Do I Go For A Long One?

sgray100474sgray100474 Posts: 117
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I am currently using a medium rear mech but have started noting that most others are using long ones. Whats the difference and will I notice a difference if I change from med to long?


  • thel33terthel33ter Posts: 2,684
    There is a tiny improvement in shifting with short cage mechs, but it is barely noticable.

    A long cage is used for triple chainsets and short cage for double, on an MTB a short cage also makes it less likely to whack into something.

    In short, don't bother till it breaks/you can't resist some XTR/X-0 :wink:
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    looked in the FAQs?

    as the top jockey wheel is in the same place you will see no change in shifting.
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