Specialized or Scott?

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Hi there fellas,

Sorry to bother you but I need your advice

I'm torn between a Scott Aspect 45 2010 Mountain Bike or a Specialized Hardrock Pro Mountain Bike 2010.

I've looked everywhere but can't find a review for the Scott one. What what your humble opinion be? I would mostly be using it for commuting and occasionally the odd track.

I know I can get a better spec bike for the same money but I've always dreamt of owning a "premium" bike but could never afford one.

Cheers guys


  • supersonic
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    Not too much in it to be honest - both have fairly decent forks, 24 speed groupsets, similar level hydro brakes and similar level finishing kit.

    I would visit a dealer and have a sit on them, and go for what feels best.
  • gambit777
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    Cheers Supersonic for the good advice, I'll get myself to a dealer at the weekend
  • rusty656
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    I had exactly the same choice last year

    I went to my local store Rutland Cycling and tried them both the Scott felt very nice riding round the car park and i couldnt pick between them.

    I took soem advice fvrom the staff there who said that Specailized "specialise" in bikes so their components tend to be better quality whereas Scott have a wide ranging business and some of their components are quite generic

    I, like you was buying my first premium bike and the Spesh is awesome, recommend it but try both !!
  • gambit777
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    Cheers Rusty mate

    If they're both neck and neck when I try them, I'll opt for the Specialized due to you advice :wink:
  • supersonic
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    I don't particularly agree with what that shop said, given that most pick from the same parts pool. The OE equipment is largely the same quality.