Advice needed Full suss to HT swap

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AT the moment im struggling i have a scott genius mc50 2006 model the whole bike has been built by myself as i bought the frame of my mate, im 5'5 now the frame is medium ie 18 inch so i know its too big but the end of the day its a good frame..

but now im thinking would it be better to go to a corrcet size HT frame cove cotic ragley etc etc

or just keep the scott !!! any comment or advice would be very welcome..


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    What makes you think it's to big ?? can you shorten the stem and use flat bars that should improve things ? And if it is to big for you why a hardtail as it will ride totaly different to s full suss.....and of you mates got a FS or HT is a smaller frame ?? if so try them out tom see which "feels" best...
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  • only resaon for going for the HT was price more than anything to get a frame similar in spec etc would be quite expensive, as regards size basicall when i stand over bar im actually sat on it right between my legs, so thats the only reason im thinking its too big i could be wrong but dont know enough about othere setups etc
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    Umm does sound on large side for you...after all got to protect the crown jewels !!! I guess you have some cash plus the sale of your bike ??? if you sold yours and put cash in what would be your budget ?? My point is a new HT although nice and shiney may not fulfill your expectations if you have been used to a full therefore may be better getting a second hand FS..if you look hard enough and have patience you should get a don't want to spunk all you cash on a new HT that you get bored with after a few weeks and then loose a load of wadge when you sell it to go back to s FS....have a good think !
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    If the world was flat, I wouldn't be riding !
  • well was looking at about 300 ish because will only get about 250 for the frame

    components are

    fox float rlc vanilla
    scram x9 all round
    avid 5

    maviv 717 rims

    shimano xt crankset

    was going to be looking at either ragley or cotic but any advice would be great bit stuck in the middle as what to do if yoy know what i mean