hardtail or full suss frame

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need a new frame for my bike has the frame is not what i want i for where i want to go with my biking im looking for more of a hardcore bike with more travel
i dont know weather a hardtail or full suss is what would suit me best
the ragley mmmbop look really nice for what i want or the commencal meta frame
but any ideas welcome


  • lawman
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    could try the maxlight xc120 :wink: light, strong great geometry for am/xc stuff, and also slightly cheaper than the mmmm bop i believe
  • Tom Barton
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    Whats your budget? Where/what do you ride?

    Plus the mmbop and meta are both very different - make a choice. Long travel 'all mountain' bike or a hard xc hardtail.

    At the very least decide whether you want/need a full susser or not.
  • coxy17
    coxy17 Posts: 401
    both the mmmbop and the meta are long travel bikes so they are simialir

    i dont know weather to get a hardtail and better forks or just a full suss frame i want an am bike that i can though down some light downhill