Upgrade, new build or new bike?

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I am currently riding a 2006 Marin Bobcat Trail. Over the past 12 months or so I seem to have been constantly upgrading it, putting on a new FSA chainset, a Recon Race fork, Avid Juicy 3 brakes, a new Easton stem and a Charge Spoon saddle (among other things). Unfortunately, however, it’s still in need of a lot of TLC; I’m guessing but I think it may need another new chainset, two new drailleurs and a new set of wheels.

The question is, do I continue to upgrade this bike, or do I give up on it and either buy or build a new bike? Given that I now have access to a cycle to work scheme, I can probably get all three options done fairly cheap (my lbs has agreed that any upgrades could be put the C2W scheme).

Building a bike appeals quite a lot as it would enable me to use the fork, brakes and saddle that I only recently bought and would also allow me to choose my own spec. I was looking at the Ragley Blue Pig or even the Whyte 19 as possible frame options; anyone have any other suggestions or thoughts?

Alternatively, if I just bought a bike from my lbs I would be able to sell the fork, brakes and saddle either from the new bike or from my existing one, giving me some cash to offset the cost of the new bike. At present the lbs is tempting me with a Marin Eldridge Grade or a Scott Scale 60 but I was considering asking about the Whyte 901 or Marin White Line. Again, any thoughts?

Sorry if I am being a bit long winded but I am now getting totally disorientated by all the various possibilities.

By the way, my riding is a mix of trail and XC, mostly around the Peak District.


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    Looks like you have a nice set up already to be honest - and the frame isn't bad ata ll, Marin make somne nice frames. New wheels and a couple of mechs won't cost too much.

    But you need to narrow down where you are going with this as if you do get a new bike or frame then the Blue Pig is an entirely different beast to the Scale. Kinesis and Merlin makes ome great frames for not much money and are certainly better value than the Whytes.

    Donor bikes can be a good way of getting parts for cheap.
  • My problem is that I'm not really sure where I'm going! My lbs has my bike at present and is giving a once over to see what upgrades might be required/ justified. It was only whilst I was chatting them that the idea of a new build/bike came up (I wonder why?).

    The Eldridge Grade was discussed and I realised that if I sold the fork and brake off that for c. £250 and then also sold my Bobcat Trail for c.£200 (what the lbs reckon they could get with the original Spinner fork and Hayes mechanical disc brakes back on) then I would get a good quality brand new bike for very little; especially as that cost would be spread over 12 montsh via the C"W scheme

    Actually, I suppose I should have mentioned that my lbs reckon they could sell on my current bike in my original post.

    Anyway, since discussing the Eldridge Grade, I have been having lots of random thioyghts about different bikes and was getting a tad confused, hence my appeal for help
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    Depends where your riding will take you. If you fancy something similar ie in the XC and classic trail vein then the Eldridge would suit you well. The Scale is a little racier, while something like the blue pig is much heavier, slacker and built for bigger forks for harder riding. That said they do a lighter alloy version called the mmmbop.

    Kinesis do a superb frame called the Maxlight XC 120. It will take a 90-130mm fork, is tough, light, and with an adjustable travel fork may give you the classic xc feel you have, but with a twist of a dial take on rougher stuff if you desire. A good allrounder.
  • My lbs actually mentioned the Kinesis frame, so that seems to narrow things down quite well: upgrade, build up a Kenesis or take the Eldridge Grade

    Cheers for your help, Supersonic.
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    You need another chainset within 12 months?
    What are you doing to them?! :lol: