8 Speed Chainset

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Can anyone recommend me a chainset for my brother in law's Carerra Vulcan. After the winter he's getting a fair bit of chainsuck and looking at the drivetrain it's a bit worse for wear :lol: I'm guessing buying the whole thing will be cheaper than the individual chainrings?


  • fcumok
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    Oh and it's square tapered I think.
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    Is the chain sticky, suck can be chain wheel or chain....

    You can pick up wheels pretty cheap, especailly if he only needs a couple, probably worth looking at each in turn, otherwise CRC do a full Deore crank/wheel and BB for £50 that will see him sorted for a while!.

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  • fcumok
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    The whole lot has had it. Looks like a set of shark fins on his chainrings. None of it has ever been replaced and he's had it for 2 years. How will the deore chainset hold up on an 8 speed system?
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    The chainset on the Vulcan can't be taken apart - it's a fixed unit. You'll have to replace the whole thing rather than just one or two chainrings. (Assuming it's the Truvativ xflow they spec on them these days)
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    9 speed chainsets are fine with 8 speed parts.