what kit for first ride?

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i just bought my first road bike (compact Trek 1.5) and am eager as a beaver to get out on it, but wondered what the basic kit would be for a first ride?

im thinking spare inner tube and tool to change tyres if needed, a pump, in which case are there any recommendations, it goes without saying i will be donning a skid lid and the old oakleys.....if sunny!

also i am looking at a set of clipless shoes and pedals......again in which case are there some decent beginner shoe/pedal sets that go well together....as im new im not too hot on the differences between the different pedals/cleats etc etc.



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    That'll do you for now...
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    I'd advise getting to clipless as soon as you can, in for a penny....

    I wear Oakley Bottlecaps, whether its sunny or not, keeps the dust/rain/flys out of you eyes

    Most of all, enjoy!

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    Pies to snack on
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    spesh bg road shoes, the cheap ones, or DHB bog standard.

    105 shimano pedals.
    Leyzene road or pressure drive pump
    small saddle bag with tube, levers, and maybe patch kit.

    That will do you, and you needen't spend more. Spend less, and you may upgrade quickly and waste cash.
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    If I'm not stating the obvious, a bottle of drink.
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    pair of bib padded shorts, a jersey

    some mitts to stop your hands going numb

    shoes, spesh bg certainly, but try a few makes for fit, they're all different, wear thin socks when you try them

    walking comfort is no guide, what counts is stiff soles (stiff, as in there's no way you can bend them) and snug fit - if you get flexy and/or uncomfortable shoes you' be ditching them in a few months

    as others have said, bottle cage+bottle, saddle bag+mulitool+tube+lever+repai kit, pump, helmet, for pedals/cleats, try shimano 105 or look keo classic to start, they're popular and not too pricey

    a lock

    shades are vital, insect in the eye at 30-40mph is really not good, nor leaves, grit, twigs, rain, hail
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    Always wear eye protection, even on dull days or in the dark. It only takes a car to throw up a stone in the wrong place and you've lost an eye. Wasps in the eye at 20mph can be fun too......
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    Awesome info appreciate it I am goin to try a few on tomorrow!
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    +1 on the mitts, but not just to stop your hands going numb - they can save you ripping up your palms if you come off. A jersey isn't essential, but unless you've got a saddle bag for all your bits and pieces you'll miss having pockets. Saddle bags aren't cool, but I like to use one to carry:

    Spare tube
    Patch kit (Park Tools is good)
    Tyre levers (go for Pedros)

    It keeps your pockets free for a banana, and stops hard things hitting into your kidneys in case you come off.

    Some padded bibshorts are a good plan - and don't wear underwear with them. Easy mistake to make! Take your mobile with you in case something bad happens.

    +1 on the Lezyne Road Drive pump.

    Lastly, don't feel that you have to have road pedals and shoes - it depends what kind of riding you want to do. If you want lightness and stiff-soled efficiency they're hard to beat, but if you're looking to commute (or similar) the recessed cleats of mountain bike system are great.
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    yes, agree 100% with what aidanr says...

    if you are riding for fun/commute, look at mtb shoes with spd cleats/pedals (not the same as spd-sl cleats/pedals)

    these are much easier to walk in, and will peform perfectly well

    the spesh bg mtb shoe range is good, if the fit is ok tfor you they are a good choice and work well with spd cleats

    fwiw i've got the bg expert ones, even on wet metal steps the soles are safe to walk in - when i first started i got a cheap pair of mtb shoes, they weren't stiff enough, but even worse they were lethal to walk in if it rained, after a bad fall i binned them, just too slippy - the spesh ones are miles better

    if later you decide to go full-road then you can always swap pedals - i do this on my commute/training bike, spd during the week, but long rides i put speedplay pedals on it, only takes 3-4 minutes to swap over
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    been riding 7 days and i found after first ride i needed....

    1 padded shorts or trousers
    2 descent cycling shirt
    3 shoes and pedals
    4 mitts
    5 and only due to weather some degreaser and lube as chain was right mess with rain
    6 bottle, cage, under sadle bag for multi tool, tyre lever, spare tube and patches

    i just bought these pedals and spot on for cheap

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... delID=3759

    finding them good for confidence as double sided
  • otlawrence
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    Well I want to cycling to become my new sport.....I will commute I imagine, I'm hoping to do the Oxford to cambridge ride this year also. Cheers for the advice on pump and repair kit too.
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    shoes wise i got the bog standard dhb ones from wiggle think there about 47 quid
    and they ve been sound, worth spending a bit on some good padded shorts or leggings
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    Look at Bolle Contour Safety glasses - iro £6 on fleabay - Clear for dull days, shades for the sun (usually a Wednesday afternoon for 20 minutes). :wink:
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