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Stumpjumper HT fork travel

tofu21tofu21 Posts: 359
edited June 2010 in MTB workshop & tech

I've got a 2009 Aluminum Stumpy HT. It is designed for a 90mm fork. It's now got a pair of Reba forks that are set to 100mm but can be set to 120mm.

How much of a bad idea would it be to take the forks to 120mm which is 30mm more than the frame was designed for?

I don't race the bike and really want a trail bike rather than an out and out XC race bike.

I'm looking at the Pace 325.5 but that's a long way off at the moment.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I'd contact Spesh - pretty sure the max warranty wis is 110mm.
  • tofu21tofu21 Posts: 359
    Have dropped them an email....
  • tofu21tofu21 Posts: 359
    Have had this back from Spesh:

    Morning Simon,

    Thanks for your mail. You can get away with 100mm with no problems, but 120mm would be max as this would change the handling as well.
    The frame is designed for 90mm forks warranty would be void over 120mm of travel.

    Now its just whether its a good idea or not. Will it turn the bike into a dog!
    I think I'll have a play when I get back from Mayhem. I haven't got enough ride time to get used to that sort of a change.
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