Just got a Kona Stuff and need new rims now HELP

AndrewJay Posts: 8
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Ok so first things first, im a noob. Not rider (been riding since i was 4) noob at all the bike stuff, i rode pre-built of the rack bike, then i met my GF and found out i was riding some of the worst bikes out there, that might explain why the fram on my last MTB cracked after a week... hmmm


So..... i have a Kona Stuff 2005, its quite nice and i look better jumping on this than my BMX, i been told it looks more natural, well i've had it 2 weeks and already bent the rims the Sun Ditch Witch, from what i've read there not that great.... so im gona get new ones built on to the current hubs but i was looking at Spank Stiffy's 26" are these ok for DJ/Street/and a lil bit of DH, i've read there fairly bomb proof which is what i need really

so any and all advice helpfull cheers