Carrera Fury or Boardman Sport? HELP

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New to mountainbiking and this forum.
I'm after some help !
I have £550 to spend at my local Halfords because I decided to get the Boardman Sport through my Cycle2work scheme.
They have recently dropped the price of the Fury, and am wondering if I should get that instead.
I've not really ridden a bike for years, and never owned a £300+ bike. :oops:
If any of you guys could help me in my decision it would be much appreciated.



  • supersonic
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    Boardman is a bit racier in charachter, the Fury a better allrounder with superior fork.

    Fury if it fits.
  • MarcusE01
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    How quick was that !!!
    Thanks for the reply.
    I'll be doing a fair amount of roads and cycle paths (till the belly goes!). I take it fury is cool with this if the forks or locked off?
  • supersonic
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    Yep - more adjustment in the forks anyway so easier to get how you want.
  • MarcusE01
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    anyone else got any thoughts?
  • piker
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    Fury you will not be dissapointed.
  • MarcusE01
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    OK, so 2-0 to the Fury.
    I almost ordered the boardman the yesterday, so glad I came on here.
    Must admit it was only the Boardman name that was swaying me.

    So, it looks like the fury it should be
  • 3-0 Fury
  • piker
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    Make sure you try them both you may find the boardman fits you better than the fury.
  • DJC013
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    Go for the Fury, it`s a cracking bike, and only £530 at the moment !!

    Regards, Damian. :)
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    Now have - Carrera Fury 20" :):):)

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  • bdigital
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    Try them both for size and see if you can take them for a spin in the car park

    I ended up with the Fury. Brilliant bike - very happy so far
  • delta5
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    Get the Fury!
    It's a great bike for the price. It has a well-made frame with good components, but do yourself a favour - get it boxed and assemble it yourself. It gives you a chance to get to know your bike before you ride it, and you'll also save yourself several frustrating trips back to Halfords!

    I wouldn't bother with Halford's 3-year extended maintenance deal either - the first (and last) time I used mine was for a service - when I got the bike back after four days it was exactly as I had taken it in - they had done nothing to it.

    If you're just starting out riding take time to set your bike up properly, particularly the less 'obvious' adjustments like the the fore-aft saddle position and the shocks rebound. It takes a while (several rides of several hours) to get it all sorted, and as you gain experience and skill you'll be able to / want to tweak things more. My Fury was a bit of a dog to begin with, but once I got everything set up properly it became a real pleasure to ride, and nearly 3 years on I'm still really happy with it.
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  • underdog
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    I wish I could have afforded the fury when I bought my first bike, it looks amazing in the flesh, and it's spec is hard to beat at the price.