Hardtail advice

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I'm lost in amongst alot of options. I have done a search and while I found the odd helpfull post. I've managed to thin down my choices.

Basically I currently ride a Trek 8500 and I like it but I'd now like something alittle less stiff and with a more relaxed ride slacker Head angle? So I guess steel and a frame that can take proper sized 2.3 tyres and that can work with a 100mm fork for now as I'll be taking the parts from my Trek.

So atm I've been looking at. a Cotic Soul, inbred, Handjob (silly name) and dreaming maybe but also a Soda. My riding is XC/trail no jumping the most air I'll get is putting the bike in the car but just all day riding hence I'm looking for abit of comfort.

Any advice would be helpfull.