Drop handle bike for a tad of a noobie

kieran_wateridge Posts: 2
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Hello there. I'm looking out for a drop handle road or touring bike thats relatively easy to ride, but I can't afford to spend a fortune. I think £500 is really going to be my absolute max. I've been looking at the Dawes Giro series...anby recommendations?


  • s1lko
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    In a (very) recent £500 road bike magazine test, which included the Dawes Giro 300, the Specialized Allez came out top.
  • unixnerd
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    For that money I'd be looking at a used one. Loads of folk buy bikes with good intentions then leave them in the garage for years!

    Try ebay and gumtree but keep your wits about you.
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  • paul64
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    Also, your LBS' will have people 'upgrading' to a new bike and quite possibly leaving behind a lightly used machine which would suit you well. Might be worth talking to them so their buyers know they have a possible sale of their old bike if money is tight.