How often to replace cleats?

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I am returning to cycling after a long absence and started to use clipless pedals (SPDs) (I never used these before). I am using a set of Crank Bros Candys on my road bike and a set of Mallets on the MTB - I use the same shoes for both.

I have just replaced the cleats today after one of the screws fell out while out riding this morning. I have only had the shoes for a month, and the cleats look pretty worn out. Is it normal to have to change cleats once a month (I ride about 3 times a week - not usually more than 20 miles at a stretch)?

I really like the Mallets on the MTB, but I am thinking of changing the Candys on the road bike. Do different brands of cleat last longer than others?
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    Longevity of cleats is dependent...
    Do you have road cleats (raised), or offroad tye (usually set into the shoe)?
    Do you walk much, in your cycling shoes?...

    Once a month is way over the top.
    My SPD (MTB) cleats are absolutley years old, and still good.
    My SPD-SL's (road cleats) are at least three years old.
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  • That's what I thought. I have recessed MTB style shoes so the cleats don't stick out much and I don't walk about much in them. This is just wear off the road and trail.

    Maybe I didn't need to repace them after all, but they looked knackered.
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    the clipping surface is not the walking surface

    so although the bottom of the cleats may look really worn, the part that the pedal clips against will be in a much better state

    when you clip in/out, if a cleat is worn it usually takes less force, when you notice this, it's probably time to change the cleats - you don't want to start coming unclipped when going hard

    spds last for ages, even with daily use
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  • Thanks. That makes sense. I will keep the old cleats as spares then.
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    My SPD's are probably 10 years old, and I'm only just thinking about replacing them cos the left one doesn't lock in tightly any more and click annoyingly at times.

    It's either that or my knee.