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Hello mountain bike people.

I want to buy a new set of wheels for my 26" 6 bolt disk brake bike. A set of narrow road tyres like a racer would be magic. I can then interchange them with my nobblies as required.

What wheels do I buy, will 700c racer wheels fit? I want a tyre about 1.125" wide to keep me safe but make me go like the wind. It's the width of the rim I presume that is the important bit, websites don't seem to divulge this information.

Any recommendations? (I don't want to spend a million pounds on carbon fibre encrusted with jewels, equally wouldn't be happy with wheels made out of cheese strings)


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    Just get some Conti Gator Skins.
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  • That's the easy bit, what will they fit on? any mtb wheel?
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    If you've got a MTB then 26" tyres! No, 700 will not fit a a MTB wheel (although not too sure about a 29er).

    I personally think 1.5" tyres are the best compromise. Too thin and high pressure makes it a bumpy ride with no real increase in speed over a good 1.5" rubber.
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  • go do some research
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    1.4 michelin xc road is a training tyre for mtb rims. ace for speed and death and whatnot, i'm banned.
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    or 1.35 Schwalbe Kojak if you can find

    and Geax Street Runner at 1.25
  • so 1.25 are ok on a normal 26 rim? can you go any smaller?
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    i've not seen any lower than those Geax 1.25 and they are dedicated mtb tyres.

    saying that and looking, Continental Ultra Gator Skin is 1.2
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    Wider tyres have less rolling resistance for a given pressure. Sure they're slightly less aero, but that hardly matters given a mountain bike ain't gonna be very aero anyway. Don't be seduced by narrow tyres just because you see them on road bikes.

    Kojak are a great tyre for going fast, but if you want more protection and durability then Schwalbe Marathon Supreme are the dogs.
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    you can fit 700c wheels with thin slick tyres into a mtb frame,
    get some conti 28c tyres nice and plush but still nice and quick.
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    go do some research

    Not sure what that means?
    Stuy-b wrote:
    you can fit 700c wheels with thin slick tyres into a mtb frame,
    get some conti 28c tyres nice and plush but still nice and quick.

    Yes, you may be able to fit 700c wheels into an MTB frame, but the OP wants tyres to fit on MTB wheels.

    You need 26" tyres. So for example these 26"x1.3" slicks would fit, assuming you've got normal (17-19mm wide) rims.

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