Strange flats!

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I've had two very strange, but similar flats recently and i thought i'd see if anyone could shed any light on them or if anyone has experienced a similar thing?
One was a couple of weeks ago, when my bike was in the house, just resting in a room. I hadn't used it for a day or two and there are no problems I can remember on the most recent ride I did. For some reason, the rear wheel just went flat. It wasn't a slow puncture (I don't think!) because I remember squeezing the tyre lightly to check the pressures about two hours before I noticed it was flat, and the most recent ride wasn't for a day or two like I said.
Similarly, this morning, I went to get my bike from the garage and the rear was flat?! I haven't used it in 4 days, and the last ride was an uneventful 60 miler, on which I had no problems, and the tyre pressures were fine when I got back!?
Any idea what might be causing this? It just seems a little strange to me - I don't think it's slow punctures, and both have been in different places on the wheel/inner tube (Plus i've checked the wheel and tyres for possible causes!).
The pressures are all correct and have been fine when I'm riding. Just a little curious as to what it could be? I thought the heat, because it was warm on both days, but I've never heard of anything like this!
Any info would be great!! Thanks!


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    If they're properly flat then I'd suspect somebody is yanking your chain. :?
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    Just take the tube out, inflate it and check it under water for leaks.
    If you have no issues here I suspect it is what is said above.
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    Sorted it! (I think!!!)
    Went out for a ride this morning, and had no problems, but as I was putting the bike away, I notice a small hole in the actual tyre, where the inner tube was poking through slightly! THe hole was too small to be noticeable when I just inspected the tyre off the wheel, but with the inner tube on and under pressure, the hole in the tyre opened up!
    I guess this made the inner tube much more vulnerable to punctures, even if the bike wasn't being used and perhapds got knocked or something!
    Thanks for the other suggestions anyway