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Fork issues....

m1tch666m1tch666 Posts: 148
edited June 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi folks,

Ok, 4 weeks out on my new Cube Ltd Pro and the remote lock for the front Fork has jammed (Manitou Minute Ltd Absolute+), it was a bit sticky when I picked it up from the shop, hesitant to release, but on my last outing when I locked the front for a steep climb I noticed it released slightly, I stopped to check it and when i pressed the white release button it didn't budge, even with my left hand holding the release down I couldn't get the lever to move with my right hand.......the turn on the fork appears fine, moving freely by hand but the control on the bars is defo not moving.....

Anyone any ideas, its going back to the shop for its first service (cables have obviously stretched since its now chain jumping), I've told them about the problem.......they reckon they may just replace the fork as a whole unit, but this hasn't exactly inspired me with confidence....could I return the bike and ask for the Ltd Race (paying the difference)

All thoughts welcome........
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