Buying Dilemma

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I'm torn between Buying a Kuota Kebel frame and building up a bike from the remains of my smashed up team Boardman Team Carbon or.... just buying a Cube Agree GTC Race and having someting that's ready to roll.

I think the Cube represents better value and the bike would have better components (Ultegra) than I would get from the remains of my boardman. But I like the look of the Kuota. Oh... would need to buy new wheels for the Kuota as the front wheel of the old Boardman is egged.

The Cube seems to get good reviews and there's not a lot of info out there on the Kuota. I also worry that the Kuota frame is quite heavy for the price. But as i said... I do like the look of the Kuota.

Any views?


  • Go for the Kuota mate!
  • ShutUpLegs
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    If you don't have a bike then buy something ready to roll, then build up something with salvaged parts via ebay and the classifieds.
  • Philby
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    In your position I would go for the Cube, although its down to your budget!