Bearing cover for Cane Creek headset?

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I've got a Cane Creek headset that came with my 08 Specialized Tarmac which I think is the 110 IS model. The top bearing cover which the stem sits on is conical in shape and 26mm in height. Anyone know if I can get a replacement for this part which is shorter so I can lower the handlebars without buying a whole new headset? Does it have to be a cane creek one or would any conical type spacer do? Already tried LBS but they didn't have anything.



  • ride_whenever
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    how much lower do you want to go, you could always just chop it in half!
  • shmo
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    I want it as low as possible really. The head tube on the tarmac is so tall that I'm struggling to get a position similar to my other bike which I'm currently very happy with. Hadn't thought about cutting it to be honest but I'd probably either wreck it or be left with a hole to let rain in. Possible last resort though.
  • markshaw77
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    Don't know whether you can buy them separately, but any of the top covers from any of the Cane Creek IS-style headsets should fit (along as you get the right diameter) - you can pick up and IS-2 or IS-3 for <£30 if you look around and the bearings will always be handy to have in the spares bin, even if they are not as good as the IS110 versions.