How to replace shifters?

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I've upgraded from Sora ST-3400 to Ultegra shifters. I just need to install them...

I have the shifters, some new bars, bar tape, and also some new brake inner cable, I don't know where to start with the shifters and cables. How easy is it to transfer the gear and brake cables across?


  • Monty Dog
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    You'll probably need to replace the cable outers due to the new routing. Strip everything off the bars and fit the levers to the bars to get the right position and measure up the outers for length and cut once happy. I secure the outers in place with electrical tape and then install the inners and make sure everthing is working i.e. test ride before fitting the bar tape last.
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    you will need to grease the inner cables
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    Spend some time getting the bars and shifters in the right position (that is the right position for you) then do what "monty dog" said.
    When happy with the position and it all works you can fit the bar tape.
    Watch a few youtube videos to get an idea how to fit the tape well.
    Finish off the bar tape a few inches from the stem and wrap tightly with electrical tape (colour of your choice) not the useless tape that comes with the bar tape.
    Stand back and admire your handiwork :D
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  • furrag
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    I'm okay with the positioning as I've recently changed my stem. The bar tape seems easy enough, and there's some great videos to guide me through.

    I'm not confident though and don't know what to expect when I remove the bartape and hoods. I'm not sure how the outer casing runs into the shifters, how to install new cables into them, and also the gear cables. It seems all a bit intimidating; on my Sora's, it looks like the outer casing is integrated onto the shifter itself?
  • pbt150
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    Are they new Ultegra, or older ones, as the gear routing is a bit different.

    For the brakes, pull on the lever to open up the internal, and there should be a 4-5mm circular hole with a smaller hole inside it. The brake cable feeds through here and out the back of the STI.
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    Cheers fellas; They're the 6500 for 9 speed.

    On their website, I managed to find this archived documentation links

    I've read the 6510's were minor upgrades in appearance only. I assume the documentation could be applied?

    There seems to be a nice diagram here
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    Ok, they're the external gear cables. I did my 3300 ones last week, it's pretty easy!

    First, loosen the shifters completely. Pull the brake lever, and on the outside of the bit that's exposed there should be a small black rubber thingy. Pull this out with your fingernails, and you should be able to see a hole that looks about the right size for a cable. If you can't see through the hole, check you've completely released the shifter. Then simply thread the cable through from the outside and replace the rubber bit.

    As for outer casing, one you've threaded the cables, you need to first thread a cap onto the wire, then a piece of outer cut to the right length the cable/cap isn't normally integrated.