Recommendations for £700 first Road Bike

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I'm doing my first "long ride" at the weekend (it's only 70 miles but that's a long way for me!) and I'm really enjoying training for it on my mate's Ridgeback 2008 T1 Flight. The trouble is, I've got to give it back after the weekend and want some ideas from you guys on what road bike to go for (I want drop handlebars because I think they will bemore comfortable). I have a budget of around £700.
Any ideas would be gratefully received!


  • RobG100
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    Specialized Allez?

    3000miles on and mines still performing nicely, its good to upgrade anyway.
  • Buckled_Rims
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    +1 for Allez.

    I recently heard good things about the Trek 1.2. Also for a bit of Italian flair think about the Bianchi Via Nirone 7.
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  • skyd0g
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    Boardman Comp
    Cycling weakly
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    Giant Defy :D
  • Rich Hcp
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    +1 for the Allez.

    Ultimately, you need a bike that suits and fits you

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  • +1 Giant Defy, it was close between this and the Allez but I've picked the Defy.
  • MikeWW
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    Allez, Boardman Comp, giant Defy are all good. Pick one that you really like the look of and make sure you get the right size
  • danowat
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    MikeWW wrote:
    Allez, Boardman Comp, giant Defy are all good. Pick one that you really like the look of and make sure you get the right size

    Yup, this 8)

    I've got the Allez, and its all the bike I need...for now.......
  • Another vote for the boardman comp here
  • ALaPlage
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    Trek 1.5 plus any of those previously mentioned. Boardmans are great value for money.

    Consider second hand as you will get more for your money - typically £700 will buy you a bike costing £1500 last year - which might get you into full carbon frame and better groupset such as Shimano 105. The £700 new bracket is Sora/Tiagra territory although they are fine systems - but better if you can get Tiagra as your minimum spec. Lots of nearly new, hardly ridden bikes out there as lots of people spend money on a decent bike only to find that cycling wasnt for them or they cannot fit it into their lifestyle to justify having an expensive bike sat in the garage. I paid £1300 for a Trek Madoone with Ultegra that cost over £3000 new.

    Worth a look however you will need to know what you want first and sizing.

    Whichever way you go ensure you try some bikes out to ensure you find one that suits you in riding position as well as it is kitted out with the spec you want and that you know what frame size is best for that model and your size.
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  • unixnerd
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    +1 for second hand.

    I got a barely used 1200 quid Cannondale for 400 and love it to bits. Lots of good stuff on ebay and gumtree. Just go into it with your eyes open. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • I'm going to take a look at the Boardman, the Giant Defy and the Allez.

    I hadn't thought of the second hand option but a good idea to be able to get a higher spec bike for the same cash!

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

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    Owned both, prefer the boardman comp selling the allez
  • StillGoing
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    +1 for the Trek 1.5 although the Bianchi and williers in the same price bracket look good value too..
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  • moffmcewan
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    I just bought my first bike last friday, test rode the allez, defy, trek 1.2 but after shopping around and haggling for my life i opted for the Merida 903-18. book price £890 and i got it for £610.........i found almost all bikes in £700 range (which was also my budget) were all pretty much the same so my best advice is pick the one you like the look of, the shop you like to deal with as they vary and lastly who'll give you the best deal. i've only done 60 miles but my new wheels feel great.

    good luck and happy shopping :D