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Marzocchi MX-LO (OE model; upgrade query)

The Red BaronThe Red Baron Posts: 19
edited June 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I bought a Marzocchi MX-LO 100mm fork from Wiggle last year and I've been running it over the winter on the new love of my life - a new singlespeed Inbred.

I presume this was an OEM fork (it was pretty cheap); it's got a clunky but effective lock-out (left leg), which I use a lot and a coil spring on the right leg . There's an allen bolt at the top of the right leg that lets you slacken the spring a bit (preload adjust) and that's about it. It's got an alloy steerer, weighs just a tad over 2kg.

I do quite like the fork - it sort of suits the bike as it's tough and low / no maintenance, as well as being fairly plush on the downstroke, but the lack of damping / rebound control is quite hairy when descending at speed. It doesn't help that my other (geared) bike has a Reba, which is luxuriously smooth and well-damped.

Anyway, that's a long intro - I've just seen a Marzocchi replacement cartridge kit for sale on Chainreaction (£50 in a sale). One option is "MX coil to ECC". Does anyone know if installing this would make a difference to my fork? Does it just replace the coil in the right leg? I've serviced a Tora and an older Pilot fork before (successfully) so I'd be happy enough to have a go - unfortunately, Marzocchi technical data / diagrams much harder to find than Rockshox. Any advice would be appreciated :) :


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