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I have been riding on the same pair of SPD's since about 1995, they are the original design Shimano ones and they have been ridiculously good, I think I've serviced them once in that time and they just keep going no matter what I throw at them and how many times they get mashed into rocks, covered in mud and generally neglected to hell.

I'm considering getting some new ones, but I don’t really know why, are new ones better for my knees by having more float? Are they easier to engage and disengage?

I guess I'm just asking for a justification to replace something that’s so good that I don’t even notice it's there.

Also what’s the brand of choice these days, the guy in my bike shop said they frequently get egg beaters returned to them in pieces and that they just aren’t durable enough, so I should stick to Shimano. My gut certainly says stay with Shimano but the egg beaters do look cool and they are super light. Are there any other worthwhile alternatives?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Chunkers1980
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    Cheap ones Shimano M520 £20 inc. £12 cleats

    M540 ~ 50g lighter than above £35

    Save another 50 xt ones for £50

    again save another 50gs and get XTR ones for £80

    I love my 520s - loads of float, solid, no need to service - just buy new for effectivly £8 if you were going to buy new cleats...

    Shimano do seem to make the most reliable ones.
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    Egg Beaters are being revamped for next year and shouldn't fall apart so readily.

    If you like your Shimanos, I'd get another pair, they are the most durable and reliable, if not the lightest. Great value too.

    You will now get a stream of people saying Shimano/Look/Time/CB are the best!
  • Thanks guys.
    So is there any noticable difference between the 520, XT and XTR pedals or is it all jsut weight? To the un trained eye they all look the same. Do they function the same? Will I feel any difference over what I already have?

    Interesting that the Egg Beaters are being revamped. Someone told me that due to the lack of pedal, your foot doesnt have much latteral support? Is that true?

    I'm guessing I should probably stick with Shimano, my foot instinctively engages and releases without me thinking about it and they have served me well.

    Are the cleats interchangable or is there a CB specific cleat and an SPD epesific cleat?
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    I have XTR, XT and M520's, in use I cannot tell any difference at all. The XTR's are obviously lightest, bearings should be better, but I have yet to wear any of them out. The only issue I had was with the XT pair clicking, easily repaired by dismantling and tightening the bearing & locknut.

    If money is an issue, you'll be very happy with the 520's.