Budget £800 - 1200. Cheap FS or decent HT ?

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I've done lots of road riding but not much mountain biking but I'm moving somewhere with great off road riding so want to give it a go. I'll be doing reasonably tame stuff to start with until I develop my confidence and skill, so I'm a bit torn on what type of bike to buy. It will all be established routes / trails, no plans to do anything brave or technical yet if I can help it

I've looked at the Spesh FSR XC Comp for £1200 which seemed like a good starter, but would I be better off with a nice HT for similar money or maybe a bit less ?


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    Doesn't sound like you particularly need an FS bike and a HT will be a good 5lbs lighter for this money.
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    HT to start.
  • I'd get a hardtail up to about £1500, you'll appreciate the skills you learn on it when you do upgrade to a FS.
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    Hard tail around that price, better to start with as well
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    I'd get a hardtail up to about £1500, you'll appreciate the skills you learn on it when you do upgrade to a FS.

    Or downgrade to FS, as the case may be. :wink::lol:
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    It depends..you could argue this for ever and a day...I have a HT which cost £1,500 retail which to be honest is great for improving skills as you have to pick your lines alot better..though the ride is more brutal...I also have a FS Marin Mount Vision which is a 5" trail bike which is an 08 model and was £2,200 new...I bought this on ebay for £900 with a host of bits and bobs...rack, helmet,shoes etc...it had hardly been riden so near mint and the spec is top notch...I love riding it and to be honest it is light and I could spend all day on it..it gives me confidence to ride harder and faster...

    My point is this yes buying new £1,200 will not get you a decent FS so a HT is your best bet...second hand though you will get a cracking FS with a top spec ok it may be a year old but if your savy like me with patience you will get a bargain...look for the likeas of the Mont Vision and Trek EX8..two great bikes that will be great do it all's...after all spending £1,200 on a HT you will want to move to FS in a year then yours will be worth half that..take advantage of someone else selling theirs..

    I love my HT but the Marin is a joy and it gets ridden so much more..it is the perfect everyday tootle down the lanes and spank it around a trail centre.......
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