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I picked up my Felt Z85 two weeks ago as a means of upping my fitness for windsurfing but am quickly finding myself getting sucked into all things cycling!! I currently work nights so have been heading out most afternoons doing 10-15 miles of a weekday and a 30 mile weekend ride. Managed 35 miles today including climbing over Ditchling Beacon without stopping, well chuffed!! :D
I have a few questions/queries, would I be good enough to keep up on a club ride? Im really enjoying my riding but feel riding with others will help me progress at a quicker rate. My average today was 16.8mph, I have no idea what kind of level this is considerd to be, would I be able to keep up? Im looking to enter a few sportives this year so guess group rides would be good practice.
Nutrition wise I dont have a clue!! :oops: Before doing my longer rides I fill up on porridge take a nanna and an energy drink with me and have a glass of milk and some grub when I finnish, does this sound reasonable?
Lastly, does anyone know of any good clubs to join who are tolerant of newbies in the Southsea/Portsmouth areas? Im moving to the area next week and figured it would be a good way to meet people.


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    Most clubs will have a number of club runs for groups of differing abilities.

    Your average speed would definitley be good enough for the intermediates group of most clubs, so don't let this put you off.

    Your nutrition sounds fine for the length of rides you are doing. You may want to add a bit more protein to rebuild your muscles if you continue to ride consecutive days.
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    I agree with bobtbuilder - sounds like you are doing good and would progress and learn by riding with a club. You may want to try to build up the distance of your rides gradually too - find a 40 mile route that isnt too hilly and take your time at first. Its also important to keep eating and drinking a little and often (cereal bars and water will do until you get more selective). Sooner or later most inexperienced riders suffer the dreaded hunger knock! Dont wait until you are hungry/thirsty. Main thing is to enjoy your cycling.
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    Your speed sounds fine, but any good club will be looking to attract new members, not scare them away by blasting off and leaving you on your own. Look for a club where when you go to have a look the people welcome you and dont just stand there telling you how fast they are! See if they have a website and maybe a forum that you can ask any questions you may have.
    Nutrition wise porridge is a great pre ride meal and as mentioned above, eating little and often before feeling hungry is adviseable. I always use SiS Rego as a recovery drink and having tried many different ones, this works best for me.
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    MrJim007 wrote:
    Before doing my longer rides I fill up on porridge take a nanna


    Try to leave Nanna's at home, they tend to slow you down and a are a bit tough and chewy - most of them are happier doing bingo than being on a road bike I find... :wink::D

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